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Some UK tour highlights

January 28, 2013

This weekend, I got back from my week-long UK book tour . Well, London book tour would be slightly more accurate–but  there were a few other geographic highlights, to be sure. This snowman, for instance, made my acquaintance in the lovely city of Bristol, after I spoke at the Bristol Ideas Festival:


And this video, an interview with Team Locals, was shot in none other than Portsmouth, home of one of the largest collections of Arthur Conan Doyle papers in the world. (Sadly, the whirlwind tour came with a side of flu midway through, and I couldn’t peruse the archives as I’d wanted to do.)

The rest of the trip was spent in London, where I spoke at the RSA (audio of the talk is already available, and video will be up shortly; I’ll update the link when it is) and the School of Life, and discussed Books for Breakfast at London’s Soho House. And then, of course, were the radio and podcast turns. I had a great time at the BBC, speaking with Matthew Sweet for Night Waves (and it was lovely to meet Alan Rusbridger there, as well!).

BBC Night Waves

I also enjoyed speaking  with Robert Elms for BBC London 94.9, Tom Dunne for NewsTalk, and RTE1 Arena. Equally fun were my conversations with BBC’s Live Up All Night and BBC Radio Scotland’s Book Cafe; the audio for those, alas, is yet to be located (if you come across it, drop me a line!). I also enjoyed doing several podcasts, with BBC Focus, the Guardian,  and Little Atoms. The audio for those will be online soon, and I will update this post accordingly. Aren’t the Guardian’s offices gorgeous?

Guardian podcast

And how cool is this? I had a chance to film a conversation with Canongate at 221B Baker Street itself.

221B Baker Street

Now that was pretty amazing. The video itself will be available soon.

Finally, two original pieces that I wrote for the UK: a piece for the Huffington Post on Holmes’s fallibility, and one for Big Issue on Holmes’s thought process.

And now really finally, Canongate created this super cool game to promote the book. It’s addictive. And I’m not just saying that.

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