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Brain World interview

December 12, 2012

A few months back, I did an interview with BrainWorld Magazine’s Julie Hare. It appears in the winter issue–and even though it’s not currently online, you can read it here. Brain World – Mastermind.

I hope you enjoy it. I’m getting excited for publication. Only a few weeks to go!


  1. andres says:

    Hi dear Maria.I just read your article in N.Y.T about mindfulness and it is very interesting.
    I discovered that with my eyes closed or in the darkness ,sometimes I could see better the maths. I would love to read your book about Holmes´ method, but I don’t know when it will arrive to Colombia.
    Best wishes for you.
    Ps: You have an adorable website.

  2. Just read your article in NY Times. I learned to meditate 20 years ago, and have been practicing off and on since then. Reading articles like yours helps me to stay motivated. It also helps me develop better training materials for our managers at the university. Thanks.

    (also, I agree with andres. Your website has a beautiful design.)

  3. Lena Kolobakhina says:

    Dear Maria, thank you so very much for your creation! I’ve read the “Mastermind” twice: first time just as a novel, and second time as a textbook with a pencil. From now on I will use the “Mastermind” quite often to consult how Sherlock Holmes used his brain attic. It’s amazing how this civilization works! There was a series of interviews on neuroscience online last year. You were among the interviewees. After I learned how your parents immigrated from Moscow, how your dad read you the Sherlock Holmes book, and what is in your book it became absolutely necessary for me to read the “Mastermind”. My husband and I immigrated from Leningrad at the beginning of the 90-s of the last century. The main reason was our only 4-year old daughter. Thanks again for your creation and, please, thank your parents for me! From ex-Russian with love, Lena.

  4. Roger DeBeers, Sr. says:

    I liked your book. I think a course should be developed from the book. I have talked to my 15-year-old son about Mastermind. I am a single parent and have sole legal and physical custody for the past 8-years. I use your book along with other materials to help me guide my musically gifted son.

  5. Andy says:

    tolles Buch, sehr interresant, habe das mit viel Spannung gelesen

  6. Andy says:

    Mach weiter, ich will noch mehr darüber wissen

  7. Michael Bloomquist says:

    Dear Mrs Konnikova:

    My name is Michael Bloomquist, and I am from Mecca Glen School and I am requesting that you become my mentor for my Twenty Percent Project . A Twenty Percent Project is when once a week, the grades 6-9 take an hour to work on a project of their choice. The Twenty Percent Project is a year long project. The idea of The Twenty Percent Project comes from Google, where Google employees would take a day off each week of their regular work duties to pursue their approved projects.

    My project is learning how to improve my powers of observation and deduction. The reason for the project is because I want to pursue a career in police work and become a detective. To do this, in the future I am planning to go to a university and get a degree in Criminology, Law and Philosophy.

    At this point I was hoping that you could be my mentor as I work through this project. I would hope that you could help me with would be improving my memory, observation skills, and deduction skills. If you agree, I would like you to help me improve my detective skills, and give me tips using helpful resources you have developed. I would also like to improve my “mind attic”. It would be great if you could also recommend some other people that the could help me with this. I think the best way to communicate would be emailing. If you agree to my plan, I would be extremely appreciative. I know you are extremely busy, but if you could get back to as soon as possible that would be significant. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Michael Bloomquist

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