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My new podcast, The Grift

April 11, 2017

For the last year, I’ve been working on a project that has taken me in an entirely new creative direction: my first podcast. Together with the wonderful team at Panoply, we’ve created a ten-episode series devoted to the art of the grift, called, appropriately enough, The Grift. I explore ten stories of brilliant con artists – and the lives that they leave ruined in their wake.

The Grift

While the podcast was inspired by my most recent book, The Confidence Game, its stories are unique: tales from people I met on my travels over the last three years, that never made it into the book. You’ll hear their voices, their perspectives, their reasons for what they did. I hope you’ll consider subscribing, and do let me know how you enjoy it!

My next book is on the way!

April 11, 2017

I’m so excited that my next book has found a wonderful home at Penguin Press. It will chronicle my yearlong journey from poker neophyte to the World Series, with the best player in the world, Erik Seidel, as my guide. But this isn’t a book about poker. It’s an exploration of the balance of luck and skill in our daily lives – and how we can become the best decision makers we possibly can. Part memoir, part psychological and philosophical reflection, it will use No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em as a metaphor for life – and, I hope, teach us all how to live the best, fullest, most satisfying lives we possibly can. Here is the official announcement:

poker accouncement

Check back for updates – my journey through the world of poker is only just beginning!