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5/19/14- New York, NY

Maria will be moderating a discussion as part of the New York Academy of Science’s “Science & the City” series: What can robots and economics teach us about humanity? Join the conversation with behavioral economist Ernst Fehr and neuroscientist and AI researcher Rolf Pfeifer, at 7pm. Free, registration required.

3/29/14- New York, NY

Maria will be giving a TEDx talk on the theme of “Why Commit?” at TEDxColumbiaCollege. Her talk will take place during the morning session, between 10am and 12pm. All talks take place at Columbia’s Low Library.

3/27/14- Maplewood, NJ

Join Maria at [words] bookstore at 7:00pm, to talk about MASTERMIND and the Sherlockian brain.

3/22/14- New York, NY

Maria will be joining Scientific American columnist Steve Mirsky and Economics professor Michael Richter to talk con artists and game theory after the matinée performance of Carla Ching’s new play, “Fast Company.” Come watch the play, hear the panel, and learn about the nature of the grift. You can buy tickets here.

3/15/14- Tucson, Arizona

Maria will be speaking about Mastermind at the Tucson Festival of Books. Event currently scheduled for 11:30am.

3/5/14- Hoboken, NJ

Maria will be giving a talk as part of the spring lecture line-up at the Stevens Institute of Technology’s Center for Science Writings. The event begins at 3:00pm and is free and open to the public.

1/14/13- Brooklyn, NY

Join Maria at the Empiricist League at 7:15pm, where she will be talking about the nature of cheating.

1/9/14- Brooklyn, NY

To help celebrate the paperback publication of MastermindMaria will be giving a reading at WORD bookstore in Brooklyn, at 7:00pm.

12/14/13- New York, NY

Maria will be participating in a panel discussion of the Playwright Horizons’ The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence, along with playwright Madeleine George, NPR Radiolab co-host Robert Krulwich, and IBM Watson Technologies Director Eric W. Brown. The event is free and will begin at 4:45pm, following the show’s matinee performance. You must RSVP here before Wednesday, December 11, in order to attend. A video of the event is available here.

12/2/13- Las Vegas, NV

Maria will be appearing at the CAVE Conference, to talk about imagination, creativity, and mindful problem-solving. Talk takes place at 2:45pm, and conference registration is now open.


MASTERMIND is nominated for an Anthony Award

MASTERMIND has been nominated for an Anthony Award for best critical or non-fiction work. Winners will be announced at Bouchercon in November.

MASTERMIND is nominated for an Agatha Award

MASTERMIND has been nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Nonfiction. Congratulations to all of the nominees! Winners will be announced in May.

Maria is one of the New Yorker’s most-read writers of 2013

Maria’s piece on Facebook and unhappiness made the list of The New Yorker‘s thirteen most-read posts of 2013.

MASTERMIND is named a best book of 2013 by Brain Pickings

MASTERMIND was named one of the thirteen best psychology and philosophy books of 2013 by Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings.

MASTERMIND is Goodreads Choice Awards Semi-finalist

MASTERMIND is a semi-finalist for the 2013 Goodreads Choice Awards for Non-Fiction. Please take a moment to vote here!

MASTERMIND included on io9′s list of Science Books So Exciting They Read Like Genre Fiction

MASTERMIND is chosen for io9′s list of 23 science books that are so exciting they read like genre fiction.

MASTERMIND enters second week on New York Times Bestseller List

Last week, MASTERMIND debuted at #31 on the New York Times Bestseller List. This week, it stays put in its #31 slot.

Maria talks about MASTERMIND on NPR’s Dinner Party

Chattering Class: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes. Maria talks to the hosts of the Dinner Party about a few of Holmes’ signature tricks: mindfulness, an orderly “brain attic,” and a curious disposition. listen to full episode here or download Maria’s segment here

Maria talks about boredom on the Brian Lehrer show

Exciting news about boredom: Maria Konnikova talks about new, surprising findings about boredom. listen to the radio segment here

Maria talks about unfilmable novels on NPR’s Morning Edition

When unfilmable books make memorable movies: Elizabeth Blair interviews David Mitchell, Ang Lee, and Maria Konnikova. listen to the radio segment here